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Columbia County Vaccination Sites

For the most current information on vaccination sites in Columbia County and Covid-19 information, visit Columbia County Department of Health. For a complete list, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a COVID-19 vaccine? Getting vaccinated will be one of the best ways to protect yourself and your community. A COVID-19 vaccine can protect you from getting sick and potentially prevent you from spreading the virus to those around you. A vaccine, however, does not replace the need to continue other actions to stop the spread and keep ourselves healthy. This is especially true while we are in the process of administering vaccine, as it will take many months to provide vaccine to everyone who needs it.

Will the vaccine be free? Yes, the vaccine will be free to everyone. You may see a charge from the vaccine clinic to your health insurance provider for the cost of the vaccine, but it can’t be passed on to you in any way. Both private insurance and public programs will cover 100% of the vaccine administration fee.

Please see the Wisconsin Department of Health website for more answers to frequently asked questions.

Updated 4/1/2021

Brad Conrad