Veterans Open Bonspiel to honor Col. Laverne Griffin |

Veterans Open Bonspiel to honor Col. Laverne Griffin

Monetary or Food Donations Needed for Fundraiser American Legion Open Bonspiel (Curling) for Col. Laverne H. Griffin Memorial

February 3, 4, & 5th is the Veterans Open Bonspiel (curling) to honor Col. Laverne H. Griffin, a.k.a. Griff, to be held at Portage Curling Club. The Bonspiel is a fundraising event to create a memorial for him. He was a small-town boy from Wyocena, WI, our neighboring community and lived his adult life in Portage, WI. Griff was a reconnaissance pilot over Russia, Korea, and Vietnam. His missions were vital to the United States during the Cold War. If you would like to learn more about Col. Griffin, google “Wyocena Kid.” The State of Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters in Portage, WI will be the site of the new memorial for Col. Laverne H. Griffin available for young and old to enjoy and learn about him, the Cold War, and our country.

All are invited to curl to help raise funds and many are coming from around the world to honor the “Wyocena Kid.” 

There is nothing better than food to bring people together around the table and I have been asked to cater this Curling Bonspiel to help raise money for this memorial.  It has been requested we provide traditional Wisconsin meals, such as, fish fry and brats. Monetary help would be appreciated with the rising cost of food to help bring everyone together around the table during this momentous event.

This Bonspiel is also great for our community. We would love to highlight the many wonderful businesses in our community for those to visit when not curling. We would like the opportunity to showcase these businesses to the curlers. For a $100 donation, we will display your business on an 8 ½ x 11 colorful sheets of paper around the Bonspiel Bracket. This bracket will be constantly looked at by our curlers and your displayed business will spark visits within our community. We will not only be raising money for this memorial but also bringing business to you.

Thank you for attention to this request. It is greatly appreciated. Griff was an amazing person, and we are honored to permanently remember him.

Volunteering: 24 people   Attending event: 200

Estimated Cost for meals: $750

Estimated Cost for entire event: $7500

Cost of Memorial: over $7000
Respectfully submitted by Amanda Kohn for the Veterans Open Bonspiel. For more information, contact Amanda at 608-697-2649.

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