Portage Stock+Field on way to re-opening |

Portage Stock+Field on way to re-opening

Portage Stock+Field on way to re-opening
Jonathan Richie, Portage Daily Register

After a brief closure it looks like Stock+Field in Portage will re-open under new management this month.

Driving past Stock+Field in Portage, the parking lot is empty, there are multiple signs on the front doors stating “Store Closed.” However, new owners and management are planning a re-opening of a majority of the Stock+Field locations.

Stock+Field at 2935 New Pinery Road was open for just two years before shutting their doors at the end of March.

Stock+Field on Pinery Road is having an up and down year with plans to close and now a plan to reopen this month under new management.

In January 2021, the former Stock+Field, Tea Olive I, LLC of Eagan, Minnesota, owners filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with the District of Minnesota U.S. Bankruptcy Court in St. Paul. All 25 Stock+Field locations than began promoting liquidation sales until they closed the doors.

Then in March, R.P. Acquisition Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of R.P. Lumber Co., a family-owned retail chain with 72 hardware stores in Illinois, Missouri, Wyoming and Iowa, announced its acquisition of the assets of the Stock+Field family of stores.

Tom Rezabeck with R.P. Lumber Co. confirmed the Portage location will re-open in May.

“We are working hard to hire staff, merchandise the shelves, and reopen the Portage location in May, but we currently do not have a firm date,” Rezabeck said.

A total of 23 of the 25 Stock +Field stores across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin are scheduled to re-open in May under new ownership and new management.

“Our goal is to be the retail destination Midwesterners rely on to gather the mission-critical products they need to keep working, providing for their families, and pursuing hobbies traditional to a rural lifestyle,” a statement on the Stock+Field website said.

The new ownership group for Stock+Field have stated former employees will need to re-apply for their jobs.

Rezabeck added they are accepting applications for all positions on their website, www.bigr.com. Customers can also go their website to ask questions about the new ownership group of Stock+Field.

Brad Conrad