Leave old-fashioned, 5-star review at Wilz Hometown Pharmacy

Leave an old-fashioned, 5-star review at Wilz Hometown Pharmacy

A customer picked up a prescription at the pharmacy counter, then proceeded to the exit. On the way out the door, the customer paused for a second, reached out, and pulled on the colored strands of ribbon.

“Clang!” the bell on the wall sounded. The customer looked back and gave a wave before exiting. Another five-star review!

The bell and accompanying message in blue letters below the bell — instructing happy customers to ring the bell if “they like the store or were treated well” — have been a fixture at Wilz Hometown Pharmacy for some time now.

“Our customers really enjoy it, so we have left it up,” explained Debby Copple, the front-end manager at Wilz Hometown Pharmacy. “Many children ask their parents if they can ring the bell on the way out. Kids really seem to love the bell.”

Copple said the idea for the bell came from a former employee who happened to see one while on vacation traveling through a southern state.

More than a pharmacy

Wilz Hometown Pharmacy is more than a pharmacy. You will find seasonal offerings in home décor, women’s clothing, handbags, team apparel and more. When you’re finished shopping or picking up a prescription, be sure to ring the bell on your way out.

Wilz Hometown Pharmacy is located at 140 East Cook Street. For more information, call 608-742-3545 or visit hometownpharmacyrx.com.

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