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Looking for businesses to Inspire 
It is no secret that employers have been having a tough time finding workers. Looking to put a stop to that trend, Adrian Crabb, Director of Community Engagement-Inspire Madison Region, addressed a group of Chamber members at Rayovac on March 1.
Crabb, who was joined by Gene Dalhoff, Director of Talent and Education for MadRep, planted the seed to get more local businesses involved in schools. The potential is to mold students to a business’ needs with a greater chance goal of keeping a region’s best and brightest students around.
Crabb explained how Inspire, a software program, works with existing schools’ career exploration opportunities. The result is a better connection with education and business. Currently about 77 businesses are part of Inspire. Dalhoff expressed a goal of doubling that number in the next few months and sees Portage as part of that growth, issuing a challenge to get 30 local businesses on board. One positive incentive, there is no cost to schools or business to be a part of the software.
Inspire helps guide students toward a career path by making students aware of vocations, employers, the required education and skills, even financial aid. Inspire is interactive as well. A message board portal on the website allows students to pose questions to a career coach–a representative from an organization who fields questions pertaining to all facets of their respective business and available jobs. Students can see if they are suited to a particular job while meeting a valuable contact person. Students can also schedule job shadowing and internship appointments through the website.
Dalhoff said that Inspire comes at a time when it will soon be mandated that all students have a career plan; schools are now contacting Inspire to help fulfill that mandate. If you are interested in becoming an Inspire business,check out this website to begin the registration process:
Brad Conrad