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Boy & Girls Club of Portage set to open

The Boys & Girls Club of Portage is excited to announce we will be open for kids on May 1, 2023! We know there have been lots of questions regarding the Club. We’re excited to finally provide specifics. Here’s the information drop!

Location: The Boys & Girls Club of Portage is located at Rusch Elementary, 117 W. Franklin St., Portage, WI 53901. We will utilize the doors by the Splash Pad parking off DeWitt St as our main entrance (Door 11). The phone number for the Club is (608) 742-6987. Please understand with the high volume of calls we anticipate as well as preparing the space for May 1st we may not be able to answer your call initially. We will return calls as soon as possible. Please leave a message with a call back number. Afterschool bussing will be provided by the district from school to the Club. Parents/guardians are responsible for picking their child up from the Club by closing each day. Parents/guardians are responsible for all summer transportation to and from the Club except for after summer school, the school will provide bussing from the school to the Club. Regular after school club hours are 3pm-7pm Mon-Thurs, 1pm-6pm Fridays.

Membership: The Club will open to members ages 7-18 in 1st thru 12th grade afterschool on Monday, May 1, 2023. Membership registration is now open and available online at Registration can be completed online through the registration portal; or forms can be downloaded, printed and dropped off at 117 W Franklin St, using the Splash Pad side entrance (Door 11) starting Monday, April 10th between 10am-4:30pm. Membership cost is $24 annually with a family maximum of $72 and covers all after school hours during the school year. An active membership is required to attend our summer camp (information below). As this is our inaugural membership drive; all new members will be activated through August 31, 2024. Normal membership runs from September 1 through August 31 annually.

Summer: We will be open for summer camp to active Club members from Monday, June 12th through Friday, August 18th (Closed Mon/Tues July 3rd/4th). Our summer hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5:30pm. While you must be an active club member to attend our summer program; there are additional costs outside of club membership. We offer different payment options to families pending their specific needs. These fee options are: Weekly-$75 OR Monthly tuition (June-$180, July-$250, August-$200) OR Full Summer Tuition- $550. Financial Aid is available to those who need it. Please contact our Site Director, Eli Culbertson, to get and fill out an application. Summer information and registration can be found at the Club or online here.


What is the Boys & Girls Club? The Club is an afterschool and summer program for kids ages 7-18 in 1st through 12th grade. We offer choice-based program options in a variety of educational, healthy lifestyles, and character building areas including: homework help, reading time/assistance, board games, art projects, physical activities/games, social games & games room, STEM based learning activities and more!

When can I pick up my child? While the Club is open until 7pm afterschool (6pm on Fridays), parents/guardians can pick their child up from the Club at any time between afterschool and close. We’ll provide a schedule of activities and times to plan around so if your child wants to participate in something specific, you can plan pickups around that. During summer, drop off and pick up can happen at any point during regular club hours (7:30am to 5:30pm). There may be days where drop off needs to happen prior to a certain time for your child to participate in a certain activity. There may also be days where pick up needs to happen after a certain time for your child to participate in a certain activity. Notice of these days/times will be provided in advance once specifics are confirmed.

Do you provide snack/meals? We’ll provide a snack afterschool during the school year and in the afternoons during summer. A typical snack would include a milk or juice with a fruit, granola bar or packaged cracker/graham option. We’ll participate in the summer food program through the WI Dells School District that will provide lunch to those who wish to take one. Otherwise, children should/can bring their own lunch during summer provided it doesn’t require cooking/heating. There is no cost for snacks / lunches through the Club.

Do you have a teen center? While we have plans to create a teen specific space, we will not have that ready by our May 1st open date or summer. Teens who attend the Club immediately will have the opportunity to do programs and activities as well as mentor our younger mentors. Eventually, we’ll have teen specific staff, space and programs.

We understand there may be many more questions and encourage you to reach out via phone at (608) 742-6987 or email at Beginning Monday, April 10th, staff will be on site from 10am-4:30pm. While you can stop in and speak directly to us, we will be working throughout our space getting things ready for May 1st.

Kyle Crosby
Chief Operating Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of West Central WI
Office: (608) 355-2582 ext. 103  –  Mobile: (608) 535-0696

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