Adams-Columbia Electric Coop providing reliable energy.

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative providing safe, reliable energy. Mother Nature might have other plans…

Warmer weather is here, which for Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC) means it’s summer storm season. ACEC does their best to provide safe, reliable energy for local members, but sometimes Mother Nature brings major storms to the area that are out of anyone’s control.

What causes power outages? Many outages are caused by weather, animals, and nature but there are other ways outages occur. The public may also cause an outage (car-pole accident, digging and hitting an underground line, etc.). And occasionally, equipment may fail. During a power outage, you should:

1. Check your breakers and fuses to ensure the problem is not within your system.
2. Check with your neighbors to see if their power is off.
3. Report the power outage to your electric utility provider. If you’re a member of ACEC, keep reading for ways to report power outages.

SmartHub – Log in to your SmartHub account and click “Report an Issue/Inquiry”. When reporting an outage through SmartHub, your account and location are already in our system to make reporting an outage quick and easy. Download the SmartHub app today in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Call ACEC – You may also call ACEC’s 24/7 power outage line at 888-928-2232. This automated phone system will walk you through the process of reporting your outage.

Outage Map Viewer – The outage map viewer on ACEC’s website shows an overview of their service area along with a legend indicating the size of the outage and county summary details. Visit and click “View Current” under the outages section of the homepage to view this real-time map.

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